Saturday, 22 March 2014

DIY Cheapest/Easiest Way To Make Paper Buntings

I am fond of watching videos or reading blogs about Room Tours. And for some rooms I've seen, I really love how the buntings hanging on their walls made their rooms looked amazing and stylish. So I tried making them and hanged them on my curtain wall as well.

And for some reasons, it occured to me that I wanna share out my idea to you (yeah you, whoever reading my blog) in making buntings the easiest and cheapest way. So here it goes:

1. Things you will need:
*Designed craft papers of your choice.
*Strings (of your choice, too)

2. The first thing you should do is to make a pattern. So in order to do that, draw out a triangle of your desired size (it depends on you on how big your triangles will be) of bunting into the cardboard using the ruler. And take note, you have to leave 1-2 centimeters allowance on the other side of the triangle pattern so that you can hang the bunting on the string afterwards. Then after that, cut out the bunting pattern by the line using your scissors. 

3. After cutting the pattern, put it over on the craft paper and use it to trace and cut out your triangles.

4. When you already have your triangles, fold then the excess part of the triangle. This is where you will paste/glue the bunting on the string. 

5. Paste/Glue the triangles onto the string. You can put any number of triangles of your choice and make it longer as you want. 

6. Lastly, after you have glued all the buntings together, you can now then hang them on your wall or curtain wall. I'm pretty sure they'll look lovely in your room. :)

This is how the buntings look like in my room. Aren't they look awesome?

**PS: I hope I was able to help. Please leave a comment of how you think of this tutorial. Have a nice day! Toodles. :)

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  1. Awesome tutorial, the bunting is gorgeous!

    Kim x