Sunday, 4 May 2014

DIY Paper Roses Garland

Hello everyone! As you have read on the title, I'm gonna make a garland made of paper roses. Well, I have watched a couple of tutorials on Youtube on how to make a floral garland and I was so inspired to do my own design and process, too, and I thought I would share to you my idea on how to create a "DIY Paper Roses Garland" which you can use in Three Different Ways.

I guarantee you this method is very simple and easy and I'm pretty sure you can do it without any hassle! :)

First thing you should need is to cut out a circle from an art paper (it's up to you on what colour or kind of paper you wanted to use). And since we are going to make a garland, I suggest you to cut your circles in smaller sizes to get that same result from the photo above. Mine has a circumference of 15.7 cm. (But then again, it's all up to you just in case you want bigger flowers. Don't worry, I won't mind). :)

If you already have your circle, cut it then in spiral, like in the photo below.

Tip: If you prefer your petals to look taller, cut your spirals in thicker sizes and cut it in thinner widths if you want it to appear it shorter.

Next, start rolling inward up to the centre.

When you finish rolling, adjust the petals loosely so that it will look like it's blooming and secure the ends with a glue.

After that, cut out some leaves and attached it to the rose.

Here, I didn't use any pattern. I just let my hands to the thing without worrying whether the cuts may be too big or too small. Well, the leaves don't have to be  picture-perfect anyway. It will appear more natural if the shapes and sizes are different.

And here's the finished paper rose!

These are just only few of the roses I made. I actually created more of this because I wanted to make a longer garland.

And don't forget the string! You can use any kind of string you prefer. But with mine, I used a tiny rope made from plant fiber.

In this point, attach the rose unto the string using a glue gun to make it sturdier.

You can also create a pattern when glueing the roses. With mine, I started with three flowers glued together then  attached another two, individually, in between the group.

As soon as you finish making your garland, you can set it up as fairy lights on your bed's headboard (without the lights, though). Jokes. Well, of course, you can put lights on it as well if you would like to.

You can also use it as floral crown.

Or if you prefer, you can hang them on your mirror.

So there you go. I hope you like it. Please leave a comment below of how you think of this tutorial.

Have a nice day!

PS: I was unable to paint my nails so I apologise if they look horrible. :)


  1. Seu post é maravilhoso! Muito se aprende com ele. ♥♥

  2. wow looks great and so creative! Very nice blog you have!

  3. this is such a great DIY idea! love your bed room :)


  4. This is just amazing :)