Monday, 26 May 2014

Enchanteur Lotion and Talcum Powder Review

When it comes in choosing lotions and talcum powder, I am not very particular of the brand or the scent of the product that I buy. But if I'm into the nourishment of my skin, I always go for Nivea and Vaseline lotions and if I'm into fragrance, I'd go either for Bath and Body Works or Victoria Secret lotions. And when it comes to powdered talc, it will either be Johnson's or Avon's.
However, just a few years back, my uncle went to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia for work and when he went back home, he brought us this Enhanteur body lotion and talcum powder. I never heard of this brand so when I smelled them, I was brought to somewhere place I don't know that's just so aromatic and heavenly (Okay, I am just exaggerating, lol). But I tell you, they smell so delicious!! And if they were candies, I would've eaten them! Jokes. Well, they don't literally smell like candies but they do smell like some sweet dessert and sometimes they smell like fresh flowers to me. Although, in terms of skin nourishment, I would still go for Nivea and Vaseline but if you're into fragrances, I strongly suggest you to try this out. They do smell so awesome! And nonetheless, it does moisturise my skin and it does left my skin soft all throughout the day. So I guess, it's not that bad at all, right? However, during summer, the scent only last for half a day because of too much humidity (Since I live in the tropics, it's a bit hotter in here during summer so Sunscreen lotions are best for this kind of season) but during cold days the scent stays a bit longer. 

Anyway, I am not quite sure if you are familiar with this brand or if this is available in your country but you can check out eBay or Amazon just in case they have it. And unfortunately, I also have no idea if this is on sale anywhere here in the Philippines but prolly you can check (a.k.a for some marketplace sellers who may be selling Enchanteur products.

PS: If you have used this product, let me know of  what you think about Enchanteur too because I'd love to know.

So what are you waiting for? Go and try it! :)

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