Monday, 1 September 2014

My iWhite Essentials

As we may all know, most Koreans have very pretty skins and I'm very intrigued of how they acquire those healthy-looking countenance. And for a very long time, it's been my dream to have a skin like them. Little did I know, that reverie is no longer elusive to my grasp.

It's been quite awhile since I've heard of this product called "iWhite" (a product from South Korea) but I never tried it out because I was thinking that it may not do miracles on my skin, as I am always skeptical with skin care products due to having a very sensitive skin.

However, lately, I have been having breakouts on my chin and nose due to white heads that I can't get rid of. I have tried a few couple of face masks and nose strips and even tried egg white and Knox gelatin face mask but still they can't get those white dirt off my face and it has been pissing me off to the point of being depressed. Lol. No, of course, I'm kidding. Haha. Anyway, my boss and I were having a small chit chat one time and she told me to try out iWhite's Nose Pack. And when I tried it, OMG, 85% of my white heads got off and I'm like the happiest person ever that time. So because of that, I decided to repurchase it and even tried out some of their products as well.

Below are the stuffs I bought and I know their packaging are pretty damn cute, too. *I love Pastel colours guys, just so you know. :D

This is one of my favourite moisturisers ever. It's a water based moisturiser that leaves my skin hydrated and it feels so cool and super refreshing. It's blue and it smells so good. Actually, all of their products that I bought do smell good anyway. And lastly, what I like about it is, it's non-greasy when applied on the skin.

This Facial Wash really do what it claims. So far, my face starts to whiten and even helped prevent pimples from growing and other skin irritations. Thumbs up to this!

The peel off mask and the nose pack just do exactly the same thing. However, the mask with a girl on the packaging, helps whitens the skin. And I always love the feels after I stripped them off my face, seeing all those tiny bits of dirt stuck on the mask, oh my gaahd, I can't get my eyes off of them. Well, I know you also do enjoy looking at them inspite of them being so gross.I know, right? Lol.

The Moisturising Facial Wash in Blue and in Pink are just the same even though they differ in the colour of the packaging so as with the Nose Pack in Yellow and in Green and I have no idea why is that so.

So there you have it, these are all my iWhite essentials. There are still other iWhite Skin Care products out there but these are the only ones I bought and surely I will buy them over and over and over again. Will also gonna try their other essentials soon, too.

I hope you guys like it and would truly appreciate it if you could leave a comment down below of how you think of this post. Have a good day! :)


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  2. I absolutely love the packaging of these!

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