Friday, 14 February 2014

I'm Back!

It's been awhile since I last written a blog. In fact, I deleted some of my previous posts because they were kind of useless and seems like no one will ever be interested to read those nonsense.

For awhile, I have been thinking of what to write about. And it came to me this famous Blogger/Youtuber, Zoe Sugg "aka Zoella". She's a Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle enthusiast and she has been inspiring me to look good and be confident of myself most of the time. So, I was thinking of blogging about beauty or fashion as well. However, to be honest, I don't own lots of beauty products and stuffs to write about. Well, as you may not know yet, I live in the Philippines and I don't live in a big city. So basically, most people around me aren't wearing any make ups on their faces all the time; nor very conscious of their body; nor wear fancy clothes always. People here are always at their simplest. And, since Philippines is not a wealthy country, Mac, Topshop, Urban Decay, Nars, Maybelline, NYC, Essie, Opi, Benefit, Gucci, L'oreal, etc., could not be seen in any local stores in town. Since I am a girly girl, I really hope to own some of these products soon. Unfortunately, I can't have any of those for now because I am unemployed. Bad timing. (But I'm looking for a job as of the moment *wink.) So, that is why I can't make a blog post about beauty products in that case. I am as well would not post about clothes and fashion because I am not that confident to post a photo of myself wearing trendy clothes or whatever.

However one time, whilst I was getting ready for church, I realised that there is this Pond's BB Cream I have been using whenever I would go somewhere, which my Mum likes so much as well. So I decided to make a blog about this make up foundation, at last. It's not very popular but I can guarantee you, it's certainly of good quality. 

I wasn't that knowledgeable nor conscious about beauty products before, so I am only using powder foundations to my face during college. As far as I can remember, I would always buy Garnier face powder in Beige or use Elizabeth Arden face powder (The powder includes light and beige shade and it was given by my Mum). And when the moment came where my face suffered from pimples, I then started applying actual foundation to cover up the acne and blemishes. My Mum, ordered an Avon liquid foundation in light shade. However, it did not help much with the concealing. Good thing, I was able to get rid of acne and my skin is better now although there is still few small acne marks and blemishes left. And then one time, whilst my Mum and I were watching TV, an advertisement of Pond's BB Cream appeared and claims that it can conceal blemishes and whitens the skin at the same time. We were intrigued by this and we decided to buy the product. And when I tried it, I can't say anything bad at it. Swear.

I got the Whitening Expert in Beige because I have a somehow tan complexion. Take note, it also has an SPF 30 PA ++ to protect our skin from the rays of Mr. Sun. And seriously, it didn't just concealed my blemishes, it actually whitened me. (Well, I'm also using whitening soap and moisturizer so perhaps it helped me look fairer. Lol) Whilst my Mum got the Anti-Ageing Expert in Light. Well, my Mum is fairer than me so she obviously chose the light one to blend in with her complexion. Mum doesn't have any problem with her skin, only light freckles on her cheekbones and so, through the help of Pond's BB Cream, it lightens the appearance of her freckles and is now barely noticeable. Moreover, the foundation is not cakey and lets your skin breathe so it's so comfortable to use. Certainly, we both love it and some others girls, too. 

And all I can say: This product is indeed a MUST TRY and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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