Saturday, 9 March 2013

Two years ago.

Today I decided to tidy up my school stuffs because it's been piling up so high and threw some of it away. I just left those which will be helpful for my employment later on.
As I was going through some books and papers, I got to find a letter which I wrote before. It was when I was still on the process of moving on. I then realized of how dumb and pathetic I was way back. I also pitied myself for feeling pain and being immature. Well, for some reason I wanna share it to you guys. So yeah, here it is.

This thing is really hard to do when you don't wanna accept that all else fail now. On my part, yes, I admit that the failure was unacceptable. Who wouldn't anyway? I tried or shall I say, we tried to be the best for each other and did almost everything for us to be happy but then in just a snap all things are so elusive to my grasp now. It's so frustrating and disappointing since we expected that we will stay longer and if by chance maybe even forever. Yet we ended up putting distance and that caused not just one but more misunderstandings and problems which made us decide to cut whatever attachment we had left. But I tell you, it is really hard and painful. It even came to a point that I became paranoid and drowned myself to sleep in tears every single night. That was crazy, I know. Immaturity even came up to me. Like, I'd make striking statements and would post or send it as group message. Hell, isn't it? I didn't know what I was doing that time. I was just preoccupied by pain, I was lost and my mind was in bewilderment. But what else can I do? It all happened now. And I have no choice but to accept it.

I wrote this almost two years ago. That was a very emotional moment when I was writing this and I am so happy that I've already overcome it and been very happy and contented with what I have and with who I am right now as a person. I never regret anything that happened. I am actually thankful and grateful because through pain I became stronger, mature and hopeful. I learned a lot from my past and I am very happy! Through God's grace everything becomes possible!

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